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Experts continue to emphasize the importance of early childhood development. At Abracadabra, we promote healthy and positive childhood experiences. Our educational philosophy at Abracadabra Child Development Center emphasizes active learning. 

Active learning is a student-centered approach where children, their classmates and teachers are co-collaborators in the learning process. Active learning promotes long-term retention of information and promotes further learning while developing vital skills.

As a result, we have implemented the HighScope Curriculum.  In a HighScope preschool environment, teachers ignite children's interest in learning by creating spaces that encourage them to explore learning materials while interacting with their peers and teachers. We focus on early literacy, fostering receptive and expressive language skills, impulse control, listening and responding to simple instructions, effective discipline, expanding vocabulary and writing and reading at an age-appropriate level for our pre-Kindergarteners. Key strategies include scaffolding children's play areas, purposeful and spontaneous play, investigating new concepts, using encouragement instead of praise and taking a problem-solving approach as a method of conflict resolution in the classroom.  



Your child's day consists of a balanced variety of learning opportunities including, but not limited to, outdoor and indoor individual and social play, small and large group activities like yoga, soccer, mindfulness exercises, storytime, language infusion, music, brain breaks, gardening, math, art, science and much, much more!! Auxiliary programs like soccer (offered by a separate vendor) will incur a fee separate from tuition.

Your child will develop in the following areas:

  • Physical- refers to your child's ability to demonstrate balancing skills, fine and gross motor skills and coordination

  • Social-Emotional- refers to your child's ability to regulate their emotions and behavior as well as establish and sustain positive relationships

  • Language- refers to your child's ability to listen to and understand increasingly complex language and express complete thoughts effectively

  • Cognitive- refers to your child's ability to classify items, recognize symbols and images and remembers concepts and experiences

  • Literacy- refers to your child's ability to demonstrate word recognition, phonetic awareness, writing skills and comprehension


Abracadabra will conduct assessments twice a  year, fall and Spring, using the ASQ and COR assessment tools.  Childhood Scoring  COR is directly linked to our High Scope Curriculum and focuses on the skills that lead to school success. Their developmental screeners and assessment inventories use observation, interviews, and child performance to pinpoint understanding in the domains tied to early development and school or kindergarten readiness. Their test content aligns to the Common Core and many state-specific learning standards to equip educators with familiar information to fit their existing framework.




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