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Kindergarten Classroom
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Here's What You Should Know....

A child development center plays a critical role during the most important developmental period in a child's life.  Simply put, a child's earliest years lay the foundation for success in the future. At Abracadabra Child Development Center, we provide a nurturing learning environment for children ages 2-5.  We offer:

  • A defined curriculum

  • Structured lesson plans

  • A variety of hands-on learning experiences

  • Qualified teachers who encourage parental involvement and regular communication

We have 6 classrooms that are split between the church's property and the house.  ​


  • Munchkins/Elves (ages 2-3)

  • Magicians/Wizards (ages 3-4) 

  • Giants/Genies (ages 4-5) 


Abracadabra Child Development Center is reopening with a capacity of 86 students.  Our center is open from 7:30AM-6:00PM. Your child can be at the center a maximum of 9 hours per day. We kindly request that you pick your child up by 6:00PM.


Abracadabra's parents are now allowed to enter the facility and mask are optional. We ask that families dropping off do not enter the classrooms unless it is necessary!



​Courtney Robinson

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