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Kindergarten Classroom
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Here's What You Should Know....

A child development center plays a critical role during the most important developmental period in a child's life.  Simply put, a child's earliest years lay the foundation for success in the future. At Abracadabra Child Development Center, we provide a nurturing learning environment for children ages 2-5.  We offer:

  • A defined curriculum

  • Structured lesson plans

  • A variety of hands-on learning experiences

  • Qualified teachers who encourage parental involvement and regular communication

We have 6 classrooms that are split between the church's property and the house.  ​


  • Munchkins/Elves (ages 2-3)

  • Magicians/Wizards (ages 3-4) 

  • Giants/Genies (ages 4-5) 


Abracadabra Child Development Center has a capacity of 86 students.  Our center is open from 7:30AM-6:00PM. Your child can be at the center a maximum of 9 hours per day. We kindly request that you pick your child up by 6:00PM.


Abracadabra's parents are now allowed to enter the facility and mask are optional. Abracadabra has an open door policy and welcome parents and families to come in and enrich our classroom environment! 



​Courtney Robinson

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